The notification app works in iPhone XR but not in iPhone 8!

I tested Notification app available in estimote cloud on two iPhone. For several days they work fine, but after a few days iPhone 8 stopped receiving notification. Even after moving at least 100 m away from all beacons and waiting a few minutes and then coming back to the beacons range, I do not receive notification on iPhone 8, but iPhone XR works fine.
I was wondering if this problem happens to other iphone too.
I really need to solve this problem as soon as possible. So, if anyone can help me it would mean the world to me.
I welcome any suggestion and assistance.

It’s really wondering for me as well. Does both the device have same iOS version and which iOS version?

Speak to you soon!

iOS version of iPhone XR and iPhone 8 are 14 and 13.6 respectively.
In Xcode, I put the deployment target to 13.
Do you think that the problem is because of different iOS versions? but if I submit it in app store, users with different iOS are going to download it. So, how can I solve this problem?

Can you also check estimote SDK version? is it latest version?

estimote SDK is compatible with swift 5. Do you think that the problem is with SDK’s version?
By the way thanks a lot for your help. It means a lot to me.

@Sanam, As I absorbed your app’s requirement and I am assuming you are working with proximity SDK


Please let me know is it help?

Yes, I am using proximity SDK.

I used the link that you mentioned for developing my app, and as it is mentioned in the link, I used CocoaPods to hook my project up with the Proximity SDK.

Should I update proximity SDK? If yes, How can I do it?


so you are working with latest release v1.7.0.

Have you remembered when the app was working fine ( in both the devices). I mean did you update ios version or proximity SDK afterwards ?

I did not update iOS or proximity SDK.
Yesterday, I run the app on iPhone 8 again and it starts working, but I do not know how long it is going to work and when it is going to stop working!!

Glad to hear you got it sorted out!!

By the way, we did a lot of work with the BLE device.

I am a sales reps :wink:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Since you did a lot of work with BLE device, I want to ask you another question.
When the user is in the range of beacons and kills the app, the app cannot relaunch even when the user exits or re-enters the zone. For example, When a user enters a beacon’s zone, the app recognizes the zone and is being woken up to the background and an enter notification is sent to the user. If the user opens the app while s/he is in the zone and then kills it and then leaves the zone, the app is not woken up to the background.

I found an article on estimote website which indicates that after killing the app you should be out of beacons’ ranges for 3 minutes to relaunch the app in the background.
Is there any way to solve this problem???

did you check this,

I saw that link it is for Estimote SDK, but I used proximity SDK.

In the link below, it is mentioned that on iOS, there are two conditions to wake up the app and trigger an event.

I was wondering is there any way that the app can be woken up without fulfilling those conditions?

I was not able to post my reply yesterday due to estimote forum guidelines …

Just checked, the empirical limit as of iOS 9 seems to be 3 minutes , but you should use the backgroundTimeRemaining property to know for sure how much time your app has in the background before iOS force-terminates it. You can use all this time in the background to perform ranging.

Imagine for example that you enter a venue, and monitoring triggers an enter event. iOS wakes your app into the background to handle the event, but only gives it a few seconds to do that. The app can then start a background task to extend this time, and start ranging to determine whether the user is moving further into the venue (getting closer to the beacon), or just peeked inside it and immediately leaves. Once you establish that, perform an appropriate action and finish the background task, so that iOS puts the app back to sleep and doesn’t forcefully terminate it.

If short-term background ranging is not enough, you need to find a way to keep your app running in the background longer by using Background Modes. However, keep in mind that the use of Background Modes is heavily regulated by Apple!

Thank you for the information. However, it does not answer my issue, which is the case the user kills the app while in the beacons range. In this case, when he leaves, app does not recognize the exit from beacon’s zone.
In other cases, app can relaunch to the background mode.
Also, I use proximity SDK not iBeacon, and I think ranging beacons is related to iBeacon not proximity SDK.