Beacon Notification in iPhone 6 and 6S

Hello Team, Could you please let us know the reason for not getting notifications on iPhone 6 and 6S? Does the Estimote SDK implemented in the app need to be updated? What could be our action step to resolve this issue? Your immediate attention is highly appreciated.

Our SDK supports all the iPhones that have BLE (4S and later).

Are you talking about the Notification demo in the Estimote iOS app? Are Location Services enabled for the app? Where exactly in the demo are you stuck (there’s a few steps, like picking a beacon, then walking away, then locking the phone, then walking back in range)?

I am speaking about our own App. We developed and submitted our App in the month of June. The Notifications are working fine up to 5 and 5S. But not working in iPhone 6 and 6S.

When the device is near by the beacon, we are supposed to get the notification. but it is not happening so.

Regards, Karuuna

Can you double check Location Services? There’s no reason it shouldn’t work on 6 and 6S.