Supermarket Indoor location is it possible?


I would like to know your opinion if its feasible to do a project on a SuperMarket using the indoor SDK where you can track peoples movin on the aisles using a Shopping cart . So the beacons will be positioned on the aisles and the Shopping Cart will have a device (Does it have to be a phone ??) , the whole point is to know where people are moving and what they are buying to get some analytics.


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Cool idea (:

A few thoughts:

  1. Right now our Indoor SDK is only available for iOS, and it works best with iPhones 5 and 6. iPads give worse accuracy, while iPods are completely unsupported.

  2. At this time, we only support small and medium-sized spaces, b/c beacons need to be placed on the perimeter of the location—super market might be tricky. We’re working on support for placing beacons in the middle of the space (e.g., on the gondolas between the aisles), but that’s a bit further down the road.

My alternative idea for such a “physical-world analytics”—put beacons on the shopping carts themselves, place a few cheap Raspberry Pi devices in areas you’d be interested to track (e.g., one per each department), each rPi with an app that scans for beacons (e.g., use this Node.js library for scanning beacons: and uploads that data to your servers.

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Hi jjvargas,
we have done this already. We have implemented it in several supermarkets in germany. It’s very easy to install but you’ll need much time to develop the analytics (algorithm). Based on the data we receive we generate movement profiles and detect those areas with a high flow rate of customers as well as the ones with a lower rate. Furthermore, we can tell how much time people spend in the different areas, and represent all these data as heatmaps. Every single shopping process is visualized as a heatmap with directional arrows. We have a website about that topic, called: - it’s only in german - sorry about that. Keep in touch if you are interested. Mail: