Still Learning Beacon Capabilities

So I’m still very new to the beacon concept and have a couple of questions:

  1. can beacons send me push notifications based on temperature. All I ever read is how they come in handy for proximity use…Example: every time it breaks 90 degrees (if I had a beacon there) I get a push notification to let in my dog.

  2. can you have a 3rd piece of the puzzle be what activates a beacon but notifications get sent to a different smart device. I.E. We put a sticker on our daughters car seat. The daycare has a device that activates the sticker. A push notification gets sent to my wife and i’s phone saying that our baby is at daycare.

Those might be more developed questions, especially the first one but any help on these would be greatly appreciated!

First and most importantly, beacons don’t send push notifications (: It’s the app on your smartphone that can detect when a beacon is nearby, and react to that by showing you a notification. But this logic can be anything you want: e.g., the app can detect when a beacon is nearby, and also read from the beacon’s temperature sensor, and combine these two pieces of information to show you a notification or not. Or, the daycare employees have an app that detects stickers, and when it does, it sends a message to a server that in turn sends the push notification to the parents.