Special use

Hello, I wanna know how accurate can be the beacon technology for a special type of use :

The mobile device, with the app running in the foreground, has to pass in a zone (5m, less or more), at quite a high speed, like someone biking in the street.

The aim is to record the exact time when the device is the nearest from the beacon.

To be clear :
- Someone pass on a bike in a 5m zone where the beacon is.
- I expect the RSSI value to make a kind of gaussian curve (bell curve).
- I want to record the exact time of the maximum value, in order to know precisely when the "cyclist",for example, was the closest from the beacon.

Of course, I'd use the smallest advertising intervall and the maximum Txpower value, but what is the minimum scan intervall that can be set on androïd and iOS devices ?

Is it doable, from the physic/technical point of view ? or the developper point of view ?

It would really help me understand the technical aspects of the beacon technology.

Thanks a lot.

Ok thanks ;)