Some issues with indoor location API

I have some issues with indoor location API, and I am working on this with Android Oreo version.

  • how many is the minimum Location Beacon number if we want to use it with your indoor api?

As we saw on your web page it is ‘up to 20’ beacons, so does it mean we need at least 20 number of beacons to start offered indoor API? If not, How can we start with small scale ? : we want to test location mapping, indoor location, and distnce checking and other things for making heatmap at the end.

  • API call limitation. Is there any limitation for number of beacon to be called when using the API?

As I saw on your web page it doesn’t, but I am asking in practical way. How many beacon is the most proper and maximum ?

  • Can we set the location for beacon in multiple floor? We did not try this yet, but we would like to test this. We want to set the location in the multiple floor(at least two floor) and place the beacon, but there would be no ceiling between each other(or there would) could this be available? If this need some technical touch but possible, please let me know.