Simple Proximity Case Study

Looking to run a simple proximity case study. The case in a nutshell is to place beacons on multiple movable indoor assets (between 20 and 70 assets), and report back basic proximity and interaction with mobile phone carriers in the same area. The mobile phones can have an App installed but this must not be onerous on the carrier.

The information needed for report back will be basic identity of mobile phone (6 digit number), basic identity of beacon (6 digit number), proximity start time, proximity end time. Beacon signal interval of 1 to 2 minutes.

The most important requirement is a trigger only once the proximity is 2 meters.

I know in the past close proximity trigger has been a problem. Has this been resolved ? I read the following on the The Estimote Team Blog - “A couple weeks ago, we enhanced the proximity technology through enabling Estimote Monitoring by default.” Does this address the issue I am referring to ?

Approximately when will the new Andriod App be available ?

Thanks !