Simple POC then further app dev

I am looking for a POC that can do the following: Ping (or notification of sort) when I am 10m from the beacon, then ping again when I am at the beacon. That simple. This is for a possible large project and then I would require developers. Please provide rates and conditions for an engagement like this.

Hi Jason,

Hope you are doing great.

Your idea can be definitely done using eddystone or normal estimote beacons. We would love to discuss more about this with you.

Please contact us at


Dear Jason,

We have developed Beacon based solution and we also provide custom solution based on different industries requirements.
Please share your detailed requirement so that I can provide you a formal proposal.

For your reference my email:


Hello Jason,

This POC is very simple and could be achieved within a day. We have great experience with the beacons and have developed great apps. Can share more details via email. Please email me:

Look forward to work with you.