Secure UUID in Android SDK

i read about the UUID secure feature, and i saw that this option currently only available only for IOS SDK.
there is any plan when the Android SDK will include this feature? because if i want to create mobile application for both platform i have to use insecure UUID.

There is any other options to use secure UUID for both platforms?


We’re in the middle of updating our Android stack (SDK + app), and we’ll be adding any missing features in the upcoming weeks (I believe the first update is targeted at the beginning of May), so stay tuned!

I’m waiting for it :smile:

Hi !
Any news after 2 months ? a release date ?

Thanks !

there is something new with this?

We still have a few updates to the Android SDK scheduled before we move on to Secure UUID, but the list is rapidly dwindling (e.g., we’ve already released support for Estimote Cloud and stickers, our highest priorities so far), so it shouldn’t be too long. Really sorry to keep you waiting :see_no_evil: , thanks for your patience! :heart:

thanks for the update, because currenlty without secure beacons everyone can use our beacons… and its problem

Hey when can we expect update on this? we really need this. Any approx release date? so we can decided on what can we do.

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Thanks for bumping this up, and sorry for the delay. :sweat:

There’s literally only one thing left on our list before we get to Secure UUID. That thing will be out the door in early September, so the latest ETA for Secure UUID is right after that = mid-to-late September.

thanks for the quick reply, hope it release according to the plan.

@heypoitr we are also desperately waiting for the android sdk to incorporate secure uuid.

our challenge is that we have a cordova app and once you release the sdk for android that has secure uuid, evothings will need to update their cordova plugin for us to use. So that just pushed the timeline further.

Would really appreciate if you can help release this sooner rather than later.

@heypiotr - hope that we can get the Android secure uuid option soon. It is a showstopper for us almost

The latest ETA is tracking towards late September / early October. This is literally one of our top priorities for the Android SDK at this point.

Hi , Is there any update on this ? Looking forward to "Secure UUID on Android ".

Yes, good news!


thank you very much :slight_smile: . Look forward to using it now . :slight_smile:

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