Secure UUID Beacons Monitoring


Firstly good job for the last version of Android-SDK, secure UUID is a good feature.
But I have a question, now when I’m monitoring a SecureRegion the Listener onEnteredRegion(Region region, List beacons) return the correct region but the list of beacon is empty. I did the same thing with Ranging and the list of beacons is complete.
Is it normal?

Thanks a lot!

In order to get properly results when using SecureRegion you need to provide your app id & app token via EstimoteSDK#initialize method so we know how to resolve nearby beacons to its original values. Have you done that?

Yep, I do EstimoteSDK.initialize(BeaconsMonitoringService.this, “XXXX”, “XXXX”); during the OnCreate() in my Service Class.

How can I check if it’s correctly set?

Easiest way to double check it to invoke any method to fetch beacon details on EstimoteCloud for one of your beacons.