Samsung S9 detects beacons slower than Samsung S8+


I have the below setup, and we were testing behavior with two phones - Samsung S8+ and Samsung S9. Samsung S9 detects beacons much much slower (20 to 30 seconds delay).

App has one observer.
App is in background
Phone is locked.
And the power modes tried are - balanced and high power.

S8+ detects beacon instantly. But not S9.

For testing purposes I also added two observers thinking that beacons would get recognized instantly.

Can someone please throw thoughts?

Sounds like some difference in the Bluetooth stack between S8 and S9. We’d need to investigate deeper, find out what exactly is different, and see if we can work around it.

Note that in the background, most Android devices automatically switch to the low power mode.

Two observers generally will never improve the responsiveness, because deeper in the Bluetooth stack, it’s a single scanning process anyway, so the observers will get the exact same scan results.