Slowness in identifying beacon

We are in tests and we put 1 beacon in each company, with distances of one of the other of more than 1km.
Sometimes when we approach the smartphone it identifies the signal of the beacon in less than 10 seconds, sometimes 40 seconds, but mostly identifies in more than 2 minutes, I already looked for a lot here in the forum but I did not find if there is any solution to force Android / IOS to do this reading more often. It would be ideal with at least 5 seconds.

It’s my first post here in the group.

Generally speaking, we don’t have much control over the Bluetooth stack in Android/iOS, so it’s hard to guarantee any number. It’s up to the OS and the Bluetooth controller to manage and prioritize available resources.

That said, 2 minutes sounds a bit on the high side. What devices were you testing with, what was the beacon’s configuration, and what SDKs/frameworks did you use?

We are currently using this:

Our beacon fires at an interval of 3 seconds, and is using the Power Level: 17

We do not know what to do, because in some moments it takes more than 1 minute to identify, and in the worst cases 3 minutes.

3 seconds is pretty high. For comparison, Apple requires 100 ms advertising interval for iBeacon, and Estimote Monitoring uses 200 ms.

You can also experiment with the android-beacon-library’s scanning options/intervals: setForegroundScanPeriod, setForegroundBetweenScanPeriod, setBackgroundScanPeriod, setBackgroundBetweenScanPeriod.

From my experience, the responsiveness of beacon detections also varies quite a bit between different Android smartphones.

Finally, you may also want to ask a question on Stack Overflow, and tag it as ibeacon. The main maintainer of the android-beacon-library is very active in there, and might have some further suggestions on how to improve things. (Suggestion: try to be as detailed as possible, say what Android smartphones/versions you’re testing with, include relevant code snippets which show you’re setting up the beacon scanning, etc.)