Question regarding distance accuracy

My team and I are currently developing an indoor locationing application on Android platform and we have encountered major trouble with respect to beacon accuracy.
We have utilized trilateration algorithm to try to get the proper location of our devices.
However, the problem arose when the values that we were receiving weren't very stable, which caused our values to jump around everywhere.
Is there any way where we can stabilize the values, or is it something that has to do with the hardware itself?
My team and I are starting to feel dubious on whether we have received a new product, or a refurbished product.
The battery also was at 29% when we first got the product, and the percentage has dropped 20% since the first day, which was 5 days ago.
Please provide me with a solution or a reply to this post.

Thank you.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

Please keep in mind that iBeacon standard is not primarily designed for indoor positioning. The main goal of this technology is to build proximity and context-based solutions for mobile apps and devices. Remember that Bluetooth signal is just a 2.4 GHz radio wave and as such is susceptible to factors like absorption, diffraction, interference and multipath propagation. Because of that, to achieve more than 5-6m accuracy using trilateration, you need really advanced noise cancelling algorithms.

It's also possible to use an alternative method, we call cell network system. It requires use of multiple Beacons to more precisely track user's movement and location. Programming part is a bit easier with such solution, but much more Beacons are needed.

Additionally, we're currently experimenting and working on precise positioning solutions, but it's still in early stage of development.

Please refer also to this article:

Hope it helps.

About the battery please write me I will try to investigate the reason of dropping battery.