Rssi kalman filtering for trilateration?

i am trying to calculate the position of android phones by measuring the rssi signal strength of several beacons with ~2 meters distance to each other.
the measured signals are quite noisy and unpredictable and sometimes the connection drops so i try to smooth them with an lowpass filter.
but still the measurement is not good for a simple trilateration or something with more than three beacons.
i guess implementing a one dimensional kalman filter would be right method for getting rid of the errors in measurement ?
are there any plans to include such smoothing and tracking functions into the api or is there already any smoothing on the measurements ?
do have any experience with rssi smoothing (kalman) and trilateration you could share ?
what could be the ideal scan period for this ?

thanks a lot

We do have experience with that. More over we are experimenting with that and please do expect kalman filtering within next releases of the SDK.

how do you configure the kalman filter ? is it one dimensional or is some sensor fusion involved ? in my experience the kalman on only one value (accuracy) behaves like an simple lowpass filter, so i switched to that. but still not realy happy with the results.

I'll refrain myself from disclosing any other information right now. I hope that you understand that.