Reusing estimote beacons

I am trying to create a kind of map using proximity beacons as stations. I’d love to have a many beacons to create a bigger map but I only have 4 so I need to find out another approach to simulate infinite beacons.

I tried to set id’s in the attachments to map to locations and update them runtime in order to change it’s location but attachment is not updated unless observer is restarted, unless I restart observer, the old ID comes. Is this behavior OK or is there a way to receive updated value?

Is there another approach to simulate the infinite beacons I could use?


Yes, the observer checks the tags and attachments on start only, so if something changes in Estimote Cloud, the effect will only take place at the next (re-)start of the observer.

In the production/live environment, this usually means that the user has left the place where the beacons are, iOS shuts down the app to free memory for other apps, and later on when the user returns in range
of the beacons, the app gets restarted—and with it, the ProximityObserver.

For your tests/simulation, maybe you could restart the observer on a timer? This will re-trigger the enter events though, so you’d have to deal with that.

I can’t really think of any other way to simulate more beacons.