Detect the Ibeacon range

Hi guys,

I have a question regarding to the meter range for ibeacon detecting the devices to push the message. Looking forward to hearing the suggestion from experienced. Thanks in advanced!

Here is my scenario:
iBeacon #1:

  • When the user go to indoor, we should push the first welcome message (around 0-10 meters).
  • The user indoor and the distance to ibeacon is around 10-20 meters, push the 2nd message.

iBeacon #2:

  • When the user go close to the Shop A for example around 10-20 meters, we should push the welcome and promotion message from iBeacon #2 to user.

I’d suggest looking into Estimote Monitoring for that (:

For our thinking behind when to use Indoor Location vs simple proximity enter/exit events, here’s a more detailed explanation:

Hi Heypiotr,

I’m new with iBeacon technology, so thanks for your response!

After taking a look into your suggested articles. What I have understood here is if we use the the Estimote Monitoring instead of Core Location Monitoring then the beacon devices can detect the user’s devices more proximity for three distances: near (around 1.5 m), medium (around 7 m), and far (around 15 m).

It means the beacon devices just able to detect the user’s devices in the beacon range, but unable to calculate the exactly distance to push the right messages?

Is this App life?