React native Estimote wrapper 0.4.1 crashes only on android

i am using estimote proximity beacons to detect entry and exit. i have location services turned on and bluetooth turned on. i am using react native bundle(
version 0.4.1. in IOS it starts up fine and i dont see any issues but in android as soon as i startup the app, location services permission is showing up and then the app freezes for few seconds and if you try to interact with the app it says app is not responding, so you can either wait or tap OK. if i tap wait, it is waiting for sometime and then working normally. if you tap ok the app is crashing. here is the bugsnag crash report. this is happening every single time i trigger the location permission logic. i came to this forum to understand if there is any known issues that i need to be aware of…
Android Version 8.1
Api - 27
Thank you…

Crash report.
ANR · Application did not respond for at least 5000 ms