Raspberry pi scan period

I’m using Raspberry Pi + NodeJs ( bleacon ) to track Estimote Beacons. My Beacon’s advertising interval is 900 ms, yet when i scan for beacons nearby time difference between two signals can go up to 40 seconds. To solve problem so far i tried:
1- Changing my bluetooth dongle (so far i tried 3 different dongles)
2- Instead of using bleacon, i wrote my own node module, using hcitool lescan and hcidump to get raw data
yet these did not solve my problem. What may cause this problem and how can i solve it, any ideas ? Also thanks for your helps

Hi, Are you using native BLE or BLE dongles? If dongles then each has its own implementation of services.

Hey, i’m using a BLE dongle. Can you help me with configuring the scan period of the dongle?

Hi @ozanAta ,
I don’t think you can alter the scan time for a dongle, Is the problem always around 40 seconds give or take a second, if it is then its probably the scan time of the dongle if not then its most likely something happening with the code.

I have noticed that sometimes when I run my program off the PI using bleacon it reads only a couple of signals every so often but then gets better after 3 seconds or so. The bleacon library for node js should look for a signal all the time.

Do you think you could post some code?

Hi again,
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21124993/is-there-a-way-to-increase-ble-advertisement-frequency-in-bluez this configuration settings worked for me . Now i can get a signal every second.

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@ozanAta ahhhhh, that makes sence. Glad its working for you