Raspberry PI & beacons & Dementia Patients


I am trying to work a solution for a family member with dementia and wonders outside.

Has someone worked on a solution that would alert/notify when someone leaves a specific set of doors? Possibly using hardware like Raspberry PI and proximity beacon?

Where the beacon lives in a pocket of a walker, triggering an SMS alert as they move pass the door area.

Thank you in advance


Hi Graham,

Yes, I have done that. Using the Estimote Node reference project (from Github) to resend the broadcast Telemetry packages to a Tomcat9 server that sends emails (are cheaper then SMS) when the estimote/door moved.
You have to use Node v.8.15.1 since Node 10 doesn’t work yet. (Use: nvm install 8.15.1 && nvm use 8.15.1). Also you have to have a recent version of the Raspberry Pi 3 with has a buffer for bluetooth packages.

Kind regards