Questions about UWB Beacons

I receive today my developer kit. I have some questions:

  1. Is the order status the reason we are unable to configure UWB Beacons from the Estimote cloud console at this time? Will we be able to configure them once the status changes?

  2. Which app can we use to configure the signal strength of the beacons? Is it Estimote UWB (‎Estimote UWB on the App Store) or Estimote (‎Estimote on the App Store)?

  3. For our use case, we need to be able to detect the UWB beacon outside the line-of-sight at a distance of 10 metres. Is it possible?


  1. No, the order status doesn’t impact how UWB beacons work. Shipped UWB beacons are already active and there is not need to activate them or configure. They work out of the box.

  2. The only compatible app to test them is “Estimote UWB” app available in the App Store:

To build own apps with UWB beacons please use SDKs available on our GitHub: Estimote, Inc. · GitHub

  1. Range depends on the smartphone. On iPhones it should be possible to get 30-40m line-of-sight. Outside of line-of-sight it really depends on obstacles and more beacons might be needed.