Proximity SDK More Details on Beacon

The proximity zoneBuilder is activating nicely by distance on beacons with particular tags, but with multiple beacons is there a way to get more details on the particular “hit” that occurs?

Assuming we create a generic beacon “venue” = “office” is there a way to get the tags/attachments from all the OnEnterActiion() instead of looking up “mainDoor” as in your example?

Hey @trent

You can only get attachment of beacon that triggers your zone’s onEnter and onExit method. If you want to track entering/exiting the proximity of a particular beacon in a compound zone (more than a one beacon), then you can use withOnChangeAction() to get attachments of beacons inside this zone.

Let’s say we have a zone with key = "venue", value = "my-venue" and all three beacons have this key and value attached in cloud. I made a quick sketch for you to visualise the progress of callbacks you get while walking throughout the zone:

As you can see, the onChange action delivers you the list of attachments that you are inside. You can use it to track the changes in beacons nearby inside one zone.