Proximity Monitoring for Mobile Equipment

I am new to beacons and am trying to monitor proximity of mobile equipment to the beacon in order to determine cycle states of the equipment. Basically if the equipment is within range 1 and range 2, it is one cycle, and if within range 2 and range 3, it is in another cycle. This information is collected and relayed using an Arduino Yun.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the community! (:

The first step would be to figure out how to set up Bluetooth scanning on your Arduino. I found this article:

It’s how to make an Arduino broadcast as a beacon, so it’ll only be useful for you up to the hciconfig hci0 up point.

Since this is based on BlueZ, you should then be able to use the excellent node-bleacon Node.js library to do the scanning & parsing iBeacon packets:

Estimote Beacons ship with the iBeacon packet turned on by default, so you should be good to go.

If you run into any questions or problems, just post here (: