LTE Beacon to Scan thousands of ibeacons


Hi, I have a requirement to scan for thousands of ibeacons using the LTE beacon. My first question is

  1. Is it possible to scan thousands of ibeacons using LTE beacon. If so are there any drawbacks
  2. Every beacon acts as a visitor. I need to know how long the visitor is at particular LTE beacon(there will be more than a thousand vistiors i.e more than 1000 ibeacons) So can I achieve it by just monitoring or do I need to do both ranging and monitoring?
  3. Will the LTE beacon continuously scan the beacons for days

With a very larger number of beacons in a single place, at the same time, you might start running into radio congestion/collision issues. This isn’t really an LTE-Beacon-specific problem, you’ll have it no matter how you want to detect the beacons. But if you set the advertising intervals high enough (1-2 seconds? somebody would need to do some collision-math to better estimate this), it should work.

There’s no ranging/monitoring in the LTE Beacon, ranging/monitoring are terms specific to the Core Location API on iOS to detect iBeacons. In the LTE Beacon, you just scan for Bluetooth data (any Bluetooth data, can be iBeacon, can be anything else), and you get scan results. I guess it’s somewhat similar to ranging in principle. You can read more on

Will the LTE beacon continuously scan the beacons for days

Sure, there are no limits (; You might need to plug the LTE Beacon in to external power via USB-C, because I’m not sure the battery will survive a few days of continuous Bluetooth scanning, although I think it might.

Micro app stops after few minutes

FYI, I posted a snippet of code I use in my own projects to “emulate” the monitoring enter/exits:

I haven’t tested it on a large amount of beacons though.