Beacons range are not as configured

we enabled ibeacons and set it to 3ft but it signals can reach to 30ft-40ft, what can we do to solve this?

We are using Proximity 2018 beacons

I assume this is for detecting the Proximity Beacons with LTE Beacon?

You can try going even lower with the Tx power. If you’re already at -40 dBm, then you’ll need to instead resort to filtering by RSSI. (e.g., filter out any iBeacon packet with RSSI < -90 or -100 dBm)

we are scanning from mobile app using ibeacon scanning , we configured 3ft and interval for 100ms

RSSI filter is still the answer (:

can you suggest the rssi filter table based on the distance?

I think last time I tested Proximity Beacon + LTE Beacon combo, I was getting about -56 dBm from the Proximity Beacon at 1 m away. Best to measure/experiment yourself though.