Proximity app doesn't work after changing battery

Hi I used the Android-Proximity-SDK built an app to do simple detection at first it worked well but after I changed the battery the app didn’t work. At first I can know if the pink(battery unchange) or yellow(battery changed) beacon close to the smart phone now I can’t get the right result. I added a third one with new battery I can’t find it. I removed the proximity zones and observationHandler of pink but I can still get notice in the app. I unstalled the app the result was the same. Can someone tell me if it is due to the battery changing or should I modify some part of my code. Thanks

Hi there,

Replacing the batteries should have no effect here. Are you able to connect to the beacon via our configuration app?

yes I can see them by my iphone app. I changed the application in the MainActivity.kt and test it on the phone by cable connection but it seems the application is the old version. So can you tell me if I need to change other parts? Thanks

Hi again,

Could you send me the email account you’re using with the beacons over a pm? I’ll have a look at them myself.