Triple Proximity demo won't resume correctly after onPause is called

Hey there,

I am new to this community and I apologize if this has been previously answered.

I created the triple proximity demo through cloud.estimote and ran it on my device (LG android 7.0).
It finds the beacons correctly and works quite well.

When I put the app into the background with the home key and then focus on it again using the switcher or by pressing the app icon there is an unpredictable outcome.

Sometimes it will not continue to find the closest beacon. It will claim there are no beacons in range or it will stay on the last beacon and not find any others. I move the phone closer to a different beacon and there is no change. Sometime I need to press the “sleep” button on the phone and then wake the phone for it to perform correctly. Does anyone else experience this?

I would post my code but it is literally identical to the sample produced by the website.
Why does this happen? Is it just part of using this technology? Is there any more stable/reliable Proximity Scanner?

Any tips are appreciated. I will post the logcat if needed.

I believe I have figured out the problem.

I was running another app (of my own creation) in the background that was both listening for Notifications and Scanning for Proximity. Just a mashup of the notify and triple proximity.
This created a lot of false notifications and issues with the proximity. Once I stopped running this app the original triple proximity started to function correctly.

I have changed my mashup app to listen for a notification which then takes you to a proximity page. On which I stop listening for notifications and start listening for proximity.

I have not read all the documentation. Perhaps listening for notifications and proximity simultaneously is a known limitation. My apologies for wasting your time if that is the case.