Pairing up proximity beacons with telemetry beacons

I am able to read the proximity beacon data and telemetry beacon data. However, it seems that those two packets don’t have any details that would pair them together. How do I know which telemetry packet corresponds to which proximity data?

I would like to collect this data through an application running on Linux, therefore I can not use your SDKs.

I’ve also looked at your RESTful API - it seems that I can pair up the partial identifier from the telemetry beacon to figure out which device it is on the web (after getting info on all devices), but with all of that additional information, I still don’t see a way to pair it with the proximity information.

Hi @adrian,

can’t you use the MAC address of the device?
For example, if you download the Beacon Simulator app’ on Android and run a scan with a Eddystone-URL beacon around, you will be able to see the URL broadcast packet AND the telemetry packet with the same MAC address. It means that you can recover the MAC address of the broadcasting device in those 2 packets (and match them after).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I’ve been using iBeacon proximity packet (as it has major and minor values) and estimote_telemetry packet. They both have different MAC addresses. Is that expected?

Proximity ibeacon
MAC Address: C8:32:FF:D3:0A:BB

Telemetry beacon
MAC Address: CA:34:01:D5:0C:BD

If you’re using iOS, it seems that it emits random MAC addresses. But on Android, it should work…

Sorry, I meant that I configured my Estimote beacon to broadcast Proximity iBeacon packet and Estimote Telemetry packet. They have different MAC addresses as I posted above.

If there is no way to match these, I will play with eddystone-Uid and eddystone-tlm packets. Hopefully they’ll have the same MAC that I could use for my usecase.

I test that with Eddystone-UID, to see if the MAC addresses are the same.

Broadcasting Eddystone-UID packets, I am able to find the corresponding telemetry packets with the same MAC address.

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Thanks. Using Eddystone-TLM packet doesn’t provide as much data as Estimote Telemetry packet, but it’ll work.

OK good, I personally never tested the Estimote telemetry packets so I can’t help you more :frowning: