Over 100 use cases and examples for iBeacon and Estimote

Hi everyone,

I am Alex from moWOW, an iOS app and game dev studio. Last year we worked on a few projects that involved iBeacon and Estimote.

During that time, we did a bit of research and brainstorming about the possible applications and use cases for the iBeacon technology and wrote an article about it:

Over 100 use cases and examples for iBeacon technology - http://blog.mowowstudios.com/2015/02/100-use-cases-examples-ibeacon-technology/

The question is: what have we missed? What other potential applications have you discovered?

Hi guys,

You can find a ton of live case studies in the 'Get Inspired' section, including events, hospitality, retail, dining, museums, exhibitions and more :) The link is here: https://community.estimote.com/hc/en-us/sections/200364446-Get-inspired

Please also post in this thread, so that people looking for iBeacon developers can easily find you: https://community.estimote.com/hc/en-us/articles/201594356-Looking-for-developers-for-my-project


Hey there,

Tudor, dev at moWOW here. We did think about all those terrific examples, but we also realise that bringing them into brick and mortar shops or any other real-life context is highly important. We help clients take this major step by developing iOS apps with great iBeacon integration and smooth user experience. If any of our (more or less crazy) ideas sparked your imagination, give us a sign at hey@mowowstudios.com and let's work together.

Hey Wojtek,

I started surfing through that collection yesterday and am planning an update to our collection and will link back. Thanks for the heads up :)

Sure thing! Keep us updated on your projects :)


Excellent post! Thanks for sharing!