How do I build my first app? - Useful resources


Getting started with Estimote? Want to dive straight into coding and building your first app? Then check out these resources, which will help you hop on board the contextual computing era.

###General tutorials###

  • Estimote iBeacon tutorial Quick video from Mike Kane explaining the basics behind building apps with Estimote and iBeacon.
  • Understanding and using iBeacons Great, in-depth tutorial to start working with Estimote Beacons from Code Magazine. Read here.
  • Playing with iBeacons on iOS: a guide Sidney de Koning explains his first steps with using Estimote Beacons with iOS and JSON backend. Read on his blog.
  • iBeacon development tutorial Appcoda has published a pretty handy introduction to iOS development with iBeacons. You can find it right here.
  • Trilateration experiments Mathijs Vreeman has build a sample app to showcase a method for trilateration with Estimote Beacons. Look up his work onGitHub.
  • ESTCompanion A set of tools from Jonathon Hibbard to make building stuff with Beacons easier. Find it here.


  • Estimote Indoor Location Tutorial (Swift) Mike Kane released a video, explaining how to build apps with Estimote Indoor Location SDK using Swift.
  • Developing iBeacon apps with Swift In-depth introduction to building iBeacon apps using Swift by Appcoda. Complete project available here.
  • Estimote and Swift Our senior software engineer, Marcin Klimek, has prepared a short tutorial on how to create compatible with Estimote Beacons using the new programming language Swift.
  • A Swift tutorial Will Dages walks you through a simple process of creating an app in Swift that changes the color of the screen as you approach a specific beacon. Full code is here.
  • Two-way iBeacon communication with Swift Fantastic tutorial from PubNub on how to start building iBeacon apps with Swift. Read on their blog.
  • Beacon app development using Swift and Bluetooth LE Short introduction to Swift development with Estimote Beacons and JSON backend from 3Pillar Global.
  • Swift Foundations for iBeacon technology Make and Build’s Gabe Arronte prepared a short introduction to building iBeacon-compatible apps with Swift.
  • **Triangulator ** An example by Nicolas Flacco for triangulation with beacons using the new Swift language. Available on GitHub.
  • Region Monitoring Another simple app from Nicolas Flacco, showing how to do region monitoring in Swift. Find it here.

###Other components###

  • Oracle MAF Oracle prepared an in-depth overview for people looking to utilize iBeacon with their Mobile Application Framework. Read here.
  • Google Analytics and Fosbury Bart Persoons from Blue Mango offers good advice on how to hook up Google Analytcis, iBeacon, and the Fosbury platform.
  • Raspberry Pi Make and Build hooked up beacons with Raspberry Pi and Amazon Web Services. Read more on their blog.
  • JavaScript Amazing tutorial for building iBeacon apps with JavaScript using EvoThings and Estimote.Read on our blog.
  • Mobstac: Teddy Cute teddy bear app from Param Aggarwal, built with Mobstac platform and Estimote Beacons. Find the code on GitHub.
  • Xamarin and iOS SDK Xamarin works perfectly with both iBeacon and nearables. Read about it here.
  • Xamarin: create your own scavenger hunt Xamarin open-sourced Evolve Quest, their iBeacon scavenger hunt app used at Xamarin Evlove conference. Code is on GitHub.
  • PhoneGap You can also find an unofficial PhoneGap plugin by Konrad Dzwinel which is now maintained by EvoThings (GitHub). There’s also this Cordova plugin.
  • Titanium Appcelerator Great iBeacon plugin for Titanium Appcelerator users.
  • Quick guide to writing mobile iBeacon applications in JavaScript Find out about Evothings Studio and how it makes writing iBeacon apps with JavaScript and HTML possible in this tutorial.
  • Rails backend for your Estimote app Quick tutorial from Syntax Error explaining how to hook up your Estimote app with Rails backend.
  • Android monitoring example Yoann Diguet explains how to perform monitoring and create notifications on Android.
  • **Estimote Beacons for web developers ** Sample integration of Estimote Beacons with by Benchmark. The code is on GitHub.

###Cool hacks

  • Proximizer With Estimote Android SDK, Wolfgang Werner has put together a sample app changing color based on beacon proximity. Check Proximizer out.
  • Build beacon-enabled apps in a few hours Check the best projects from Mobstac’s beacon hackday on their blog.
  • Adding Real World Context to Mobile Apps with Beacons Fantastic work by Jen Looper, explaining how to mix beacons, Cordova and a barcode scanner into an app. Code is on GitHub.
  • Getting to grips with Google Glass and iBeacon Great post from the TMW agency on building an app for GoogleGlass with iBeacon support. The Glasstimote repo is available here.
  • PunchClock: fun with iBeacons Panic designed a very cool in/out office tracker using beacons and JSON backend. It’s described here and repo with code is on GitHub.
  • Time-control app using iBeacons and the IBM MobileData service Step by step instruction on how to build a simple app with Estimote Android SDK and integrate it with IBM MobileData. Look it up on IBM’s website. - Cat Live Position Tracker Cat tracking system by Jon Bennett built with Spark and Estimote Beacons. Full description with code here.
  • Office Radar Mashup between Estimote SDK and Couchbase Mobile to monitor people around the office. Find the complete code on GitHub.
  • Treasure Hunt Craig Gilchrist from the Eden Agency has built a nice demo for a treasure hunt app. His tutorial for building with iBeacons can be found here while the complete code is here.
  • iHotWarmCold Exemplary app from Karl Nosworthy based on proximity capabilities of the Beacons. Available on GitHub.
  • Public transport for visually impaired Back in February, a team working with Estimote Beacons won the local Hack4Good hackathon. Their app was designed to help visually impaired people in their daily commute. Check out the repos of their prototype right here.
  • LIFX smart lights integration Ever wondered how you can make LIFX or Hue smart lights compatible with Estimote Beacons? Check the code and tutorial from Mark Denford. - HueBeacons There’s more on Hue integration! Yazid Azhari has published his project on GitHub - why not check it out?

###Implementation advice###

  • Great advice from Adobe Digital Marketing blog on how to measure your iBeacon campaign. Read here.
  • Things to consider when designing a gallery iBeacon experience Stripy Sock agency explains how to use beacon placement for the best UX. Read on their blog.
  • Mounting Estimote Beacons Llama Digital explains how to install Estimote Beacons to get the best results. Check their guide here.


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