One out of three beacon is not found while scanning

Hello Sir,

I have purchased the Estimote beacon kit.From the beacon kit 2 beacons are working properly and are being scanned and detected properly but one beacon is neither responding for Proximity nor for Distance.

Can you see it in the Devices section?

yes we can see in the devices section all of the three beacons,but in the Distance and proximity section only two are found.I have checked it for android and ios app both.

can you please tell me reason for the above issue with beacon?I am waiting for your response.

Hmm, one thing that comes to my mind: Distance and Proximity demos use the iBeacon packet, maybe you disabled that packet on your beacon? Can you message me the identifier of the beacon that gives you trouble? (Click on my avatar, then on the Message button.)

Thanks i have enabled the iBeacon packet and it worked.

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