Notifications in background [Android]

I just read that in iOS, the device can receive notifications even if the app is killed. But what about Android devices? Can they receive notifications even if the app is killed? If not, must be running in background?

If the app is killed, what about the 'intelligence' of the app?

Hi Jose,

I'm afraid Android doesn't have the same functionality. The app has to be at least in the background to be responsive.

What do you mean by 'intelligence'?

I mean, if in iOS the app is killed in the phone, how it can decide which notification to show?

Hi Jose,

You have 5 of different notifications that you can set: enter, exit and one for each zone. It doesn't matter if the app is killed or launched. Does it make sense?

Hi José,

You can look at our sdk for estimote ibeacon, we have a example using a service to range beacons and show push notifications with a service that is always running even if the application is killed.

If you are interested and you have any doubt send us email to

Thanks Piggate! I will check!