Not able to run the SDK

Hi guys,

I’m having troubles putting the Android SDK running on my app.
It keeps crashing when trying to use the .

03-12 18:33:08.584: E/dalvikvm(1211): Could not find class ‘android.bluetooth.BluetoothManager’, referenced from method com.estimote.sdk.service.BeaconService.onCreate

How did you solved this?

BluetoothManager was added in Android 4.3 — which version are you on? Make sure you’re on the API level 18 or higher.

I’m working on 4.0.3…
So i wont be able to make it work on my device?

Afraid not, Android only added support for Bluetooth Low Energy in 4.3. :crying_cat_face:

i got a device with Android 4.4.4.
But now i’m facing another problem:
03-17 15:33:03.759: A/EstimoteSDK(29236): com.estimote.sdk.service.BeaconService.startScanning:293 Bluetooth adapter did not start le scan

How do i solve this? :frowning:

have you activated Bluetooth? Can you write your device model?