Estimote SDK with Nearables, didExitRegion not called until re-entering region

I’m working on an application that needs to know when a user exits a region. I’m using the latest Estomte SDK and Nearables.
I’m finding that when monitoring a region (with identifier), didExitRegion is not called until you re-enter a region, in which case you get the didExitRegion call followed immediately by a didEnterRegion.

To reproduce:

  • Montior a region by identifier, starting IN the region
  • exit the region, notice didExitRegion is never called
  • enter the region
  • notice that didExitRegion is called, followed by didEnterRegion

I would expect that didExitRegion is called as soon as the Nearable is out of range.

FYI, I’m using the iOS SDK, running iOS 8.2. I also noticed the same behavior running the “MonitoringExample” provided by Estimote in the SDK.

How long did you wait until you re enter the region? Exit region can take up to 30 seconds to fire

Thanks for sharing @pboden!

We’ve seen a few similar reports, one of them on our GitHub:

We’ll be looking into this, try to figure out what’s going on, and fix if needed. I’ll update the GitHub issue when I know anything more.

I’ve waiting for far more than 30 seconds in my testing. I just did a test with the pack of nearables out of range for 15 minutes, and did not receive the regionExit notification until I brought the pack back into my office, at which point I saw the exit, followed immediately by an enter.


Thanks heypiotr! I’ll keep an eye on the github issue.

I recently got Estimote nearables. didExitRegion for identifier is not working where as didEnterRegion for identifier works fine.Running on OS11.And few nearables are not getting detected. It is the same when I try with the Estimote app in the app store.