No devices assigned to beacon error

I’m working on a project inherited from a previous developer which is building an iOS app for indoor navigation utilizing BLE beacons.

After importing the project to my laptop and successfully building the app on an iPhone 12, I ran into the issue in the screenshot below when running the app:

The way that the app works is that as the phone approaches a beacon, the voice assistant announces the place (corresponding to the beacon) where the person is at, stating some predefined information for the point of interest to the person.

However, the beacons are not being recognized by the application due to the above error.

Any idea what it might be?

Would appreciate any help with us!

what do you mean BLE beacons?

there are proximity beacons or UWB beacons

there are two different apis.

to use either of the beacon types you must configure access to the estimote cloud
and must assign some tags to the beacons you received

for the UWB beacons, you can also add tags , but they don’t help with ranging, only identification.

for the UWB beacons I can get the tags for the devices via the devices api , in javascript

			user = "---ap id---"
				password = "app password"
			const options = {
				url: "",
				headers: {
					'Authorization': 'Basic ' + encode(user + ":" + password),
					"accept": "application/json"