No Device Needed for LTE Beacon?

Hello everyone,

I just want to double-check this. So if my LTE beacon is in an LTE-M or NB-IoT enabled area, it doesn’t need a mobile or other device to connect to the cloud?

The other question is about the 200m range. So does this mean that the wireless signal to be within 200m of the beacon?


If your beacon is in LTE-M area it will connect to Cloud by itself. No extra device is needed.
As noted on products page 200m range (open space, line of sight) is for Bluetooth radio, not LTE-M. Cellular technologies usually don’t specify any distances, they rather operate on the concept of coverage. It means that provider will install as many base stations as is needed for almost any device to connect to network on a certain area.

Thanks! I ordered some the other day.

Thanks for sharing this information

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