No Beacons could be detected on March 31, 2017

I’m using BeaconManager.EddystoneListener for detecting Beacons.
On March 31, 2017 it was impossible to detect any beacons. Our customers couldn’t detect any beacons too.
Today I have tested our app again and I see all the beacons.
What could have been a problem?

I’m using EstimoteSDK.initialize() to initialize the SDK.
Has a failed initialization an effect on BeaconManager?

Huh, that’s a puzzler. All that EstimoteSDK.initialize does currently is, it saves the app token for later use, and this can’t fail in any way. Besides, Eddystone detection works entirely offline, so I don’t think any server downtime or something like that could be the cause.

Electromagnetic storm? (:

Any chance that your own backend or code has some obscure bug that only manifests itself on the last day of the month? {:

I am trying to reproduce this problem at the moment.
If I find/ locate the reason for this problem, I’ll post it here.