Nil empty region on didRangeBeacons

Hi there,
Is anyone getting empty region when the delegate didRangeBeacons is called?

My code:

func beaconManager(manager: ESTBeaconManager!, didRangeBeacons beacons: [AnyObject]!, inRegion region: ESTBeaconRegion!) {
    println("I have found \(beacons.count) beacons in range")
    if region?.identifier == "defaultRegion"{
        self.defaultArrBeacons = beacons as [ESTBeacon]!
    }else if region?.identifier == "newRegion"{
        self.newArrBeacons = beacons as [ESTBeacon]!


Hey Victor—I can't reproduce this. Can you let me know your version of the SDK? Swift or Obj-C? Which iOS SDK?

Piotr, It must because I have been too many hours working on it. It seems that either the problem is solved or I was to tired. I don't get any beacons but that is another story. Will try to sort it out before asking in the forum.

Thanks and apologies for your time