New UWB Beacons

I have some questions about the new beacons:

Will the UWB beacons make a 3D location?
What’s the launch time?
What’s the maximum range?

Best regards, Victor

2D still, would you also want to know the elevation? What’s the app/project idea behind this? (:

Launch time => we’re already gathering preorders at We only charge when we ship, and we’ll be shipping on a first-come-first-served basis, so the sooner you place your order, the sooner you’re gonna get them (: No ETA on when exactly we’ll start shipping yet, but we’re getting close!

Max range => still running some internal tests. However, a little sneak peek: they’ll feature a new +20 dBm Tx power option (current max for Long Range Location Beacons is +10), so they should be detectable even further than the current Long Range beacons (: [note that for Indoor Location however, you still need a rather dense setup, no matter what the max range is, because the signal is most stable when you’re close to the beacon]