New stickers not being detected

Just received my Stickers, they are not detected by the Android App. Any pointers?

Hi @bigpig,

Currently stickers don’t work with the Android platform. We’re working on that right now and in couple of weeks it will be finished. Stay tuned!


We’ve just pushed an update to our Android app to the Play Store with support for stickers. Enjoy and let us know what your feedback (:

Still not working any help

received my stickers this week, but im not able to detect it with eddystone android app (Nexus 5X)

any hint?

In the Android app, you need to move the stickers for them to appear on the list. Not entirely intuitive, I know (: We’ll be adding some hints or improving this behavior somehow else in the future.

Also, there are many reports on the Internet that the Bluetooth LE scanning support in Nexus 5X is somewhat shaky. Do you experience the same on another device?

@heypiotr My nexus 5x with your sample code from estimoe docs doesnt detect nearables.