Need help with pending services plz answer and a fix

I try to change my estomote’s urls on my eddystones but cant login for couple of days now no connection and i can login to my account on the cellphone tried different android phones kitkat 4.4 nougat on a xiaomi but both beacons doenst appear on the radar. I try to make contact to supportdesk only a bot responding once and thats it. I can’t reset everything because the still pending messages. C’mon how long must i wait for this i am getting annoyed about it.

Because of the bad support by estimote is it better to go to Beaconstac maybe they support people who got problems with pending message all the time much better than Estimote.


Hi, I just responded to you and removed the pending settings on your beacons. Please check if it helps with the problem.

Thx but i still can’t change the urls on the eddystone beacons without connecting to the app beacons in range (still can’t find the beacons so i can’t connect to them) but telephone CAN see the links the eddystone’s broadcasting only In pc dashboard i remove the settings did changed the url there but still pending and this driving me nuts


Hi, just wrote you another email, let’s continue the conversation there.