Nearables best interval settings

Do you maybe already have an overview of the best settings for the intervals: transmitting, waiting and scanning for different use cases? Eventual considering battery consumption

Transmitting: the defaults are optimized to provide good balance between battery life and responsiveness. Unless you find the stickers not responsive enough for your use case and are willing to trade some battery life for it, we recommend sticking to the defaults.

As for the scanning periods: when not in use, stickers broadcast every 2.5 seconds by default, so I’d recommend scan interval at least ~ 2.6 seconds. However, if you want to continue scanning in the background, you’ll need to set the wait time between scans to something reasonable, I’d say, at least 30 seconds as an absolute minimum, and maybe more to further reduce the impact on the battery of the smartphone. But then, you should also increase the scan time to at least 3–4 times the sticker’s broadcasting interval, so e.g., 11 seconds—so that even if one or two packets get lost during the scan window, the sticker is still detected.

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