Nearable configuration - BLE protocol

Hello everyone,

We are using Nearable Beacons from Estimote and we have a lot of difficulties configurating them.
We use thousands of them to track people and assets and the configuration is a nightmare. On iOS, it takes at least 20 to connect to a single beacon. On Android, the app simply doesn’t work at all.

Right at my office, I have 250 beacons waiting for me to manually configure them and I really don’t want to spend the whole day doing that, not again…

I have tried using the Android SDK. When it does not simply fail, it takes a very long time just to connect to a beacon. I have a lot of experience in using BLE with Android, I know BLE generates many random errors. I believe that the main reason the Android SDK is so slow is that the handling of these errors is bad.

Do you have a description of the GATT profiles used in the beacon and the protocol used to read/write parameters such as interval, so that I could implement it ?
I have also noticed that the beacon automatically disconnects after 10s, probably waiting for a password. If you have the description of how this password works, it would be great.

I could use a sniffer to do that but I prefer saving time :smiley: before going into reverse engineering.

Thanks a lot,

Julien Erdogan
Production Engineer
Intelligent Locations

Well. It’s safe to say that this is not going anywhere.
Trust me, you are not helping your company by keeping insignificant technical information.
This is not even protecting proprietary knowledge anymore, anyone can do a tag…