Modifying Attachment Payloads Programmatically

Hello everyone, I’m able to edit settings and I have used the REST API to change attachment details for my beacons using REST, EstimoteSDK, and EstimoteProximitySDK.

However, I’m not able to edit, add, or remove Attachment payloads for my beacons directly over bluetooth through the EstimoteSDK for iOS.

I want to be able to edit attachment payload data directly without going through the REST API. The obvious use case for this is where a network connection goes down and mission critical data is stored in the device while data is queued for a network update when the network comes back up.

If this use case is addressed in the SDK for attachment payload editing, please shoot me a link. Otherwise, please let me know if there are best practices for this use case.


Attachments are not stored on the beacon, they’re stored entirely in Estimote Cloud. I believe we’re caching them in the Proximity SDK for those situations when the network connection is down.

If you do need to store some small amount of data on the beacon itself for fully offline usage, our Location Beacons come with 1 Mbit of EEPROM memory that you can use as a key-value storage over Bluetooth. Example code is here: