Do I need to calibrate it again?

Hi All,

I'm trying to calculate the distance(using RSSI) between Estimote Beacons and iPhone, Do I need to calibrate Beacon again?

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Hi Jerry,

There is no need for additional calibration. When a device picks up signal from the Beacon, it calculates the RSSI value based on signal's broadcasting power. The whole process should be automatically handled on the software side.


Hi Wojteck, Many thanks for your answer.

But if I want to get a more precise distance, and using the following method

Loss = 32. 44 + 10 * k * log10 (d) + 10 * k * log10( f)

Or have you already done that in your SDK?

The distance value, calculated in meters, is included in the SDK and is based on RSSI measurements. Keep in mind it might fluctuate heavily depending on the environment (mainly signal blocking, radio interference and multipath wave propagation).


Hi Wojtek, How can I do that if I want to calculate the distance by my code using RSSI ?

Hi again,

Please refer to our API documentation for more details:


but measured power always nan

It's available when scanning beacons with startEstimoteBeaconsDiscoveryForRegion: method.

It's explained here: