MAC address Null

Hello All,

I am using the estimote SDK on a Xamarin Project.

For the IOS part Xamarin.Estimote.IOS is being used.

The requirement of my project is to have several ibeacons and the application need to locate them.

So far it is working the issue I am facing is since all ibeacons have same UUID the project owner wants to identified them by there MAC Address.

On Android is possible but for IOS the MAC Address of the Ibeacon devices are null

Does anyone know why the MAC Address is null and what is the work around?

Hi @shameemah,

the UUID is the same for all the beacons, but you can differentiate them with the major and the minor.
An example of recommended use:

  • the same UUID for the beacons of the company,
  • the same major for the beacons in the same building,
  • the beacons of each building have their proper minor.

If you really want to get the MAC address, it seems to me that there is a need of connection to force iOS to show the address.

Hello Ximun

What do you mean by “a need of connection to force iOS to show the address.”, is there any kind of SDK/library that can be used to do so. Can you please provide some more details

RE @shameemah,

I think there is an issue with the iOS retrieving the MAC addresses: Apple doesn’t want this ^^