macAddress (null)

According to your documentation, each beacon should have a macAddress, yet when running your demo app it is always nil?

Please check this thread to get answer to your question:

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I'm having the same problem. I'm reading the macAddress property from ESTBeacon but it returns null (peripheral also returns null), other properties e.g. proximity or distance return the correct numbers.

I am also having this issue. The macAddress property always returns null. I am attempting to read this property from an instance of the ESTBeacon class in the array of beacons returned in the didRangeBeacons method.

Hi Anika and Jeremy,

I'm sorry it took us that long to reply.

While ranging using startRangingBeaconsInRegion method the macAddress is not available.

If you want to get the beacons macAddress you have to use startEstimoteBeaconsDiscoveryForRegion method (with didDiscoverBeacons:inRegion: delegate) or connect to the beacon.

how can i have also the distance ? "didDiscoverBeacons:inRegion: " distance is nil , i need distance and macAddress to associate with my custom map .

how can some one identity the beacon's RSSI with associated macAddress. Currently i have one region and using "startEstimoteBeaconsDiscoveryForRegion" i can get the macAddress of beacon, but how do i know the which beacon have what RSSI?

In the "didRangeBeacons" i can only have RSSI but not the macAddress, how to find the associate macAddress with RSSI ??

Hey guys, we're aware of this inconvenience. It stems from the fact that didDiscoverBeacons gets its data from Apple's Core Bluetooth API, which gives access to the macAddress but not the distance, whereas didRangeBeacons uses Core Location API, which gives access to iBeacon data like distance, but not macAddress.

We're working on providing a single method/scan that'll give you access to both. At the time being, you can cross-reference the beacon data from both scans yourself. Hope this hint is of some help at least, let me know any questions.