Estimote beacon address getting null value

Hi,I am getting beacon address null value , i am getting major,minor and uuid etc but only mac address not getting please help me in this regard
I am stuck last 15 days for this


iOS or Android SDK? Can you share your code, and point which exact property is null?

Hi Thanks for reply this is where i am getting null value in iOS development
any where in the project if print mac address i am getting null value .

NSLog(@“beacon.macaddress = %@”,beacon.macAddress);


cell.detailTextLabel.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@“Major: %@, Minor: %@, Acc: %.2fm, proximity=%@,mac address = %@”, beacon.major, beacon.minor, [beacon.distance floatValue], proximity,beacon.macAddress];

Please give me solutions

It looks like you’re using ranging to discover your beacons. Ranging provides UUID, major, and minor, but no MAC address.

If you need the MAC address (what for, BTW?), you need to use the ESTUtilityManager’s discovery instead. But then you don’t get UUID, major, and minor. Utility manager is only meant to be used if you want to configure your beacons, as soon enough that’ll be the only way to connect to a beacon.