LTE Beacons not Connecting


@pauld, 0.0.6 is out, your beacons should auto-update during the next sync/heartbeat.

This should fix the GPS issue and the beacons getting stuck.


Hi there, I’ve done some sync’s off of one of my beacons, and the dashboard still shows 0.0.2 as the firmware. I’m not sure what else to do to force the firmware update… It has plenty of battery and claims the sync was successful. The dashboard shows the recent timestamp on sync as well.


Thanks for reporting back! We see Estimote Cloud sent the new firmware to your icy beacon a few times already, so it looks like the update might be failing on the beacon’s side. Can you check if you have the same problem with the mint beacon? We’ll keep investigating the issue, but in the meantime, we’ll send you replacement(s).


So testing the mint beacon this morning is a challenge, because it’s back to not responding to pairing requests, and isn’t otherwise responding to button presses. I’ll keep trying over the day.


I tried a bit more just to see, but if you can send replacements, I’m happy to send these back so they can be checked out. Looking forward to the update!