Nor receiving data from Estimote cloud to priver server

I have been using the LTE Beacon for a couple of months not and it was sending data to our server fine.
For the last few days, it does not sand anything. last data is from 23.09.2019 Everything with the code looks fine:

//Here we send the data to our Database
const request = require(‘request-promise’);
module.exports = async function exp(event) {

if (event.type === ‘position-change’) {
const result = await‘’, {
json: true,
body: event

I am not sure if there is something wrong with the code or the problem is with the sim card and there is no money on it or something like that. It does not register any data even when I press the button to sync it .

// define home and work addresses, it can be used later
var HOME = {‘lat’: ‘xxx’, ‘long’: ‘xxx’;
var WORK = {‘lat’: ‘xxx’ ‘long’: ‘xxx’};

// Standard sync period 6 hours,if you update the code, try to update it at 3 or 9 oclock again so it takes data at this times(Kasper request). It can be improved from the API documentation
var SYNC_PERIOD = 21600;
print(‘Sync period set’);

// Turn off all light saving energy
io.setLedColor(1, “#000000”);

// setting 2,3,4G so if there is no 4G coverege we can use older friquencies
lte.setTech(lte.Tech.GSM_LTE, lte.Region.EUROPE)
// catch errors and print them
.catch((error) => {
cloud.enqueue(‘lte-tech’, {error: error});; });

// Little assurance a signal every 24 hours with battery temerature so in case the car stays at one place we get a signal from it.(it is coded to send signals only when it changes positions)
timers.repeat(‘24 hour’, () => {
var currentTemperature = sensors.temp.get();
cloud.enqueue(‘temperature-checkpoint’, {temperature: currentTemperature});

//This is the place we need to toon better when we get more beacons and more data
//We must decide on the best time interval between signals, meter distance between signals
function runTask() {
print(‘running the scheduled task’);
var bat = sensors.battery.getPerc();
location.startUpdates((position) => {
cloud.enqueue(‘position-change’, {lat:, long: position.long, battery: bat});
}, {minInterval:18000 , minDistance: 250, timeout: 0});


// button turns alarm mode this is on the device so no way to press that => {
print(‘ALARM MODE’);
var bat = sensors.battery.getPerc();

location.startUpdates((position) => {
  cloud.enqueue('position-change', { lat:, long: position.long, battery: bat});
}, { minInterval: 300, minDistance: 250, timeout: 259200});
print('cordinates are send to cloud');


// alarm mode activated from distance
// This is very important it sound imitate what is going on when alarm button above is pressed, but so far just changesges the sync time to 2 minutes
cloud.onReceive( msg => {
if(msg.type === “stolen”) {
location.startUpdates((position) => {
cloud.enqueue(‘position-change’, { lat:, long: position.long, battery: bat});
}, { minInterval: 300, minDistance: 250, timeout: 259200});


Also, the cloud event log on hasn’t been updated with any data for month and a half.

Can you please help me figure out what is wrong?