LTE Beacon modem vendor

Which modem chipset is used in the LTE beacon? Is interesting to understand what features it supports.

We don’t generally share such info, although of course you can always take a look at the inside of the LTE Beacon and figure it out yourself :slight_smile: (Just like, say, Apple doesn’t share such things, but people just take the iPhones apart and figure that out.)

However, just because our current modem is X and supports features A/B/C, doesn’t mean our firmware/micro-apps support them or will support them, so it’s probably better to ask about the firmware/micro-app support. Are there any specific features/requirements you have in mind?

Basically, we think of the LTE Beacon as a pretty high-level device, so that the developer doesn’t need to worry about directly controlling the modem. You just queue some data to be sent to the cloud, and at some point they get delivered in a secure, energy-efficient fashion. And how exactly that happens is an implementation detail, and subject to change. (You get some control over it, e.g., you can decide how frequently the syncs happen, or force an immediate sync, you can choose the cellular technology to use, etc.)

If you need full control over the cellular modem, then the LTE Beacon probably isn’t the right device for you, and you can instead look at other IoT gadgets out there—some Arduino or Adafruit maybe (:

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